Artificial Intelligence


The Master’s in Artificial Intelligence program prepares students to become leaders in the global field of artificial intelligence (AI). Students learn a broad range of relevant topics, such as AI algorithms, data structures, big data analysis, and AI in gaming and robotics, while developing additional skills in image recognition and natural language processing. In addition to their coursework, students in the program have unique opportunities to conduct research in the Department’s laboratories and research centers. Graduates of the program find exciting career opportunities both in the public and private sectors, while others continue their doctoral studies in the field of AI.



The importance of data in problem-solving, decision-making, and strategy has gained prominence over the last decade. We live in a world of big data. Many of our everyday actions, from watching videos on our phones to purchasing a product online create data. Since the advent of the technological revolution, data has played an increasingly important role in many fields and spheres of life. That’s why interpreting and understanding data has become such a valuable skill. Data science is the study and examination of data with the purpose of understanding patterns. It uses tools, techniques, and theories to produce a meaningful interpretation of data for decision-making and development. It is an interdisciplinary field of study that uses scientific methods, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract insight from data. Degrees in this field allow a diverse range of specializations and occupations.



1. YEAR / 1. SEMESTER AIEN100 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 4
CMPE101 Login to the computer 3
ENGL141 Reading and Writing Skills -I 4
MATH101 Introduction to Analysis-I 5
MATH121 Linear Algebra 4
PHYS101 General Physics-I 6
TURK100 Turkish Language 2
1. YEAR /2. SEMESTER CMPE112 Introduction to Program 6
ENGL142 English II 4
HIST100 Civilization History 2
MATH102 Introduction to Analysis-II 5
PHYS102 general Physics-II  
MATH122 Discrete Mathematics 4
DATE100 History of Modern Turkey 2
2. YEAR /1. SEMESTER AIEN201 AI Principles 0
CMPE221 Digital Design 5
CMPE223 Algorithm and Programming 6
MATH203 Differential Equations 5
MATH205 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 5
2. YEAR /2. SEMESTER AIEN202 Introduction to Data Science 0
CMPE214 Visual Programming 3
CMPE242 Data Structures and Data Organizations 3
INDE232 Engineering Economy 4
MATH202 Mathematics methods and Engineers 4
3. YEAR /1. SEMESTER AIEN301 Programming for AI 0
CMPE313 Object Oriented Programming 3
CMPE343 Data Management Programming 6
CMPE351 Operating System 6
EELE321 Signals and System 7
3. YEAR / 2. SEMESTER AIEN302 Machine Learning 0
AIEN304 Neurobiology 0
CMPE326 Signal and Image processing 5
CMPE332 Basic Computer Networks 3
UNIEXX1 University Elective 3
4. YEAR / 1. SEMESTER AIEN300 Summer Internship 0
AIEN421 Fundamental of Neural Networks 0
AIENXX2 Area elective 0
AIENXX3 Area elective 3
EELE411 Robert Techniques 5
ENGI401 Project Management 4
4. YEAR / 2. SEMESTER AIEN422 Natural Language Processing 0
AIENXX4 Area Elective 0
AIENXX5 Area Elective 3
ENGI402 Project 8
UNIEXX2 University Elective 3