Cyber Security


The Cyber security Program provides students with the knowledge and skills of computer security, bringing together theory, tools, and best practices. It also prepares students for careers in many areas of cyber security including cyber analytics, penetration testing, network security, digital forensics, and cyber security operations and management careers. Through this program, students specifically learn to identify and apply theories and processes related to information security, assurance, and cyber security. They also develop the skills to apply security and cyber defense principles to the planning, implementing, and monitoring of cyber security mechanisms to help ensure the protection of information technology assets. The program also covers questions around ethical decision-making and professional integrity, as well as, prepare students to better identify and analyze organizational problems relating to information assurance, security, and its implications for value creation and defense.



The Cybersecurity Graduate Program provides a professional, technical and policy view of the challenges created by rapid advancements in information technology. You’ll examine principles of computer systems security, including attack protection and prevention. By combining computer science and application, this program’s interdisciplinary approach will give you the vital skills needed for today’s cyber workforce.


Foundational Courses

  1. CISC 5009 – Network Essentials Intensive
  2. CISC 5650 – Cybersecurity Essentials
  3. CISC 5750 – Information Security and Ethics

Specialization Courses

  1. CISC 5770 – Intelligence in Cybersecurity
  2. CISC 5850 – The Social Network
  3. CISC 6630 – Wireless Security
  4. CISC 6650 – Forensic Computing
  5. CISC 6640 – Privacy and Security in Big Data
  6. CISC 6660 – Applied Cryptography
  7. CISC 6680 – Intrusion Detection
  8. CISC 6690 – Cybersecurity in Business
  9. CISC 6750 – IoT Forensics and Security
  10. CISC 6800 – Malware and Software Security
  11. CISC 6850 – Leadership and Management in Cybersecurity
  12. CISC 6860 – Cybersecurity: Technology, Policy, and Law
  13. CISC 6880 – Blockchain Technology
  14. CISC 6920 – Incident Response and Risk Management
  15. CISC 6091 – Cybersecurity Practicum
  16. CISC 7050 – Penetration Testing
  17. CISC 8150 – Special Topics in Cybersecurity

Internship: 3 credits

  1. CISC 6091 – Cybersecurity Practicum

Students interested in an internship with a business or organization related to Cybersecurity can take this course which will be counted towards his or her elective.

Capstone: 3 credits

  1. CISC 6090 – Capstone Project in Cybersecurity

Master Thesis: 6 credits

  1. CISC 6095 – Master Thesis in Cybersecurity I
  2. CISC 6096 – Master Thesis in Cybersecurity II