Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Operator Program


The Associate Degree in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) provides students with the knowledge required to become an innovator in unmanned aerial robotic systems and tackle the latest challenges for UAVs or drones, ranging from urban utility operations to remote scientific investigation. Foundational skills such as flight dynamics, control, and avionics are complemented with disruptive technologies such as autonomous navigation and bio-inspiration. This program exposes students to a wide range of advanced engineering and computer science concepts while offering the opportunity to apply these to a UAV project. The course covers the main systems, involved equipment, and stations of control for unmanned aircrafts, as well as how they affect human safety. They also will know the principles of geomatics, photogrammetry and cartography, navigation, aerotriangulation, interpretation and digital treatment of images, as well as of the best practices in the operation of unmanned aerial systems and know to apply the current regulations in force. Moreover, students will develop the capacity to take part and interact with other technical teams in the planning of unmanned aerial systems; as well as develop a technical project in the field of engineering and of the operations of unmanned aerial systems.